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5 Healthy Resolutions that you can keep in 2022!

Writing out our Healthy resolutions is often daunting as we approach the 1st of January and, for a lot of us, those resolutions end up really difficult to manage and maintain.

A new year means a fresh start for many of us and there tends to be a few healthy new years resolutions on the ‘new year, new me’ list. Some of them centred around losing weight, getting stronger, maintaining a healthy diet or getting stuck into a new exercise routine. The challenge is to find tasks that are easy to stick with and don’t fall to the sidelines 3 weeks into the new year.

To help break that vicious cycle, it’s important to find resolutions that are simple, straightforward and can be built into everyday life.

Not sure how to get started? Here are 7 Healthy resolutions you can actually keep!

Move More

Seems simple, right? With more of us working from home, it has become more challenging to get up off the office chair and work those legs. Sitting for too long can be bad for both physical and mental health so it’s important to keep moving throughout the day, when and where you can.

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Source: Ideastream.com

Making a healthy resolution to sit less is an easy and attainable thing to do and can easily be built into daily lifestyles. It’s as simple as a 15-minute walk outside at lunch, or why not try a morning stroll or job before work? It’ll help you feel more revived and ready for the day! Don’t have the time? Try getting up and walking to the kitchen every hour or so for a cup of tea. It’s the small changes that make the big impacts.

Get More Quality Sleep

Everyone knows how essential sleep is, for the body and the brain. Lack of sleep leaves us feeling unmotivated, tired and unable to concentrate. There are multiple reasons as to why we don’t sleep so it’s important to focus on what your own schedule is and ways to improve what you do before you go to sleep, making sure you get those 8 hours in.

Source: sleepscore.com

One of the top pieces of advice prior to falling asleep is to decrease screen time before bed, cut back on caffeine and find methods of relaxation that work for you. Why not try this simple 5-minute meditation before going to sleep?

Take More ‘Me Time’

Taking time for yourself is super important for your personal health and wellbeing. These days, schedules are very busy with limited time, therefore making a resolution to carve out 10 minutes to yourself each day will be well worth it.

Source: yesmagazine.org

Self-care doesn’t need to be elaborate. It can involve simple things that you enjoy. Try reading a book, taking a bath or going out for a walk in the fresh air. Taking some time out will help destress and clear the head – your body and mind will thank you for it!

Snack Smarter

It’s easy to pick up crisps or chocolate when searching for a snack, which only results in feeling sluggish and hungry soon after. A healthy new year’s resolution often includes changing how we snack and what types of snacks are in our cupboards. That’s why it’s important to plan-ahead in the new year when doing your food shops to ensure that you stick with your improved healthy lifestyle.

Source: self.com

Try swapping out potato crisps for kale crisps, sweets for fruit or why not try our tasty low calorie beef biltong snack packs? Making a list of healthy snack options and grabbing them on your weekly shop will give you the opportunity to choose something more filling and nutritious from your cupboard in the days ahead.

Exercise For a Few Minutes Every Day

This is arguably one of the top healthy new year’s resolutions set by many each year. Getting 30 minutes of exercise in, 5 days a week is advised, but don’t let that scare you! Those 30-minute sessions can be broken down throughout the day if needed, with short bursts of exercises at home or in the gym, followed by a walk. There’s lots of ways to get it done and enjoy it too!

Source: healthline.com

Try find some exercises you enjoy and get creative. It doesn’t have to involve pumping iron in the gym or going to a 45 minute spinning class. A relaxing swim or walk or even a bike ride is just as good for you!