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Top 7 Health Tips for February

It’s already month two of the year and a lot of us are still looking for simple, easy to keep health tips that will facilitate a happier and more positive lifestyle in 2022. This list might seem obvious, but is a really useful checklist to stay on track to forming healthier habits to make you more energised and positive. Just take a look at the below top 7 tips every day and tick them off as you complete them – try it for the rest of the month and see how you feel by March 1st!

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Here’s our Top 7 Health Tips for February

1. Eat Well

This means getting as much nutrients into your daily meals as possible. Thinks lots of vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts. We all know our 5-a-day is important, so selecting your 5 fruit or veg each day will help you to build a routine and, ultimately, a healthier lifestyle. Try swapping out that mid morning cereal bar for a banana or that 3pm slump chocolate for some tasty beef biltong snacks.

2. Be Active

You might say this is easier said than done, but there are multiple ways you can stay active and not take hours out of your day. While it’s important to carve out that time to move, it’s not always possible. So much so that we created a list of ‘desk-ercise’ activities to keep you moving even while you’re working away! If you have the time, try to set aside 15/20 minutes for a walk before work or on your lunch break to clear the head.

3. Stay Hydrated

Another very important one. Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Being dehydrated can leave you feeling lethargic and sometimes leads to headaches – definitely one we’d rather avoid!

4. Sleep Well

Have bad sleeping habits? You know what we’re going to say – try to reduce your screen time before bed and ensure you’re getting your 7-8 hours in to fill the battery for the next day. There are lots of apps that can help you get to sleep and build a good sleeping pattern.

5. Reduce Stress

It’s easy to tell someone to reduce the stresses they may come across each day, however, it’s crucial to take the time to acknowledge and overcome stress in a healthy way. Try to set aside some time during the day to relax and clear your mind. Use your time set aside to be active or simply find a quiet corner to read for a while or chat to a friend. Taking those few minutes out of your day to reflect can really help manage the smaller stresses that we come across.

6. Less Screen Time

We can’t say this one enough. Staring at a screen all day can lead to headaches. What’s more, it limits the spare time you might have to relax, take a walk or spend time with friends and family. Not forgetting that potential lack of sleep too! Try to limit that time spent looking at your phone, T.V. or laptop and use it in a more constructive way.

7. Do Something Creative

This is one for keeping the mind healthy. We saved the best until last. Pick something that you do every day and try to do it in a new way. Or, think of something creative you’d like to make or do and set time aside to give it a go. Maybe you want to try a new skincare routine? Bake a cake? Build your own workout schedule or do some DIY? The world is your oyster!