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Biltong Recipes

Take a look at some of our favourite biltong recipes. We create low calorie biltong snacks, which don't compromise on flavour or protein, making them the perfect addition to stews, salads and side dishes.

Hearty Chilli Con Carne with Beef Biltong

It’s a little cold out there these days and what better way to get cosy than a big bowl of delicious chilli con carne? Packed with protein, nutrients and, more importantly, lots of flavour. Chilli is the ultimate comfort dish that doesn’t have to overload on the calories. We’ve added an extra kick to our […]

Tasty Tikka Shakshuka Eggs Perfect for 1!

Staying healthy without compromising on taste and enjoyment is difficult, especially at breakfast! We’ve shared shakshuka breakfast recipes with you before, including our Shakshuka eggs for 4 people and this time we’re adding more flavour in for 1 (just double up on the ingredients to serve 2 people. Generally, shakshuka (1) is a one-pan spiced […]

Biltong Nutrition

Each pack of our biltong is made from 100% Irish beef, offering thirteen grams of protein in every portion. With less than seventy five calories per pack, our biltong is a guild free way to inject protein and flavour into your daily meals.

As a 100% Irish beef product, our biltong is high in essential nutrients like iron, potassium and vitamin B6. Low in sugar and carbohydrates, our biltong is the perfect way to feed your snack cravings without cheating ou your diet.

Biltong with Rosemary herb
Biltong in a platter

Our Biltong

Our biltong comes in two flavours, to suit every taste. Our cracked black pepper biltong uses a hint of garlic and nutmeg to emphasise the natural flavour of our locally sourced beef. For an added kick, look no further than our red chilli biltong.

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