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Top 7 Health Tips for February

It’s already month two of the year and a lot of us are still looking for simple, easy to keep health tips that will facilitate a happier and more positive lifestyle in 2022. This list might seem obvious, but is a really useful checklist to stay on track to forming healthier habits to make you […]

5 Simple Desk Exercises for home or in the office!

Hitting the gym a few times a week is difficult and so is sticking to a fitness routine. To make things easier, we’ve put a list of 5 simple desk exercises that you can do in your work office or at home. Even 5 minutes of these could improve your mood and make you that […]

5 Healthy Resolutions that you can keep in 2022!

Writing out our Healthy resolutions is often daunting as we approach the 1st of January and, for a lot of us, those resolutions end up really difficult to manage and maintain. A new year means a fresh start for many of us and there tends to be a few healthy new years resolutions on the […]


It can be difficult to find high protein snacks that you can enjoy over the Christmas holidays, especially when there are endless cheese boards, bowls of crisps and countless chocolate treats around you that are impossible to ignore. We wanted to find some high protein snacks that you can choose from morning, noon and night […]

The 6 Best Snacks to Have in Your Cupboard

We have found the best snacks to have in the cupboard when looking to maintain a healthy diet, as well as providing energy to get through the day. It’s easy to pick up crisps or chocolate when searching for a snack, which only results in feeling sluggish and hungry soon after. That’s why it’s important […]

Comfort Food That’s Actually Healthy? Here’s 5 ideas!

It’s winter season, the temperature has really started to drop and that only means one thing – eating delicious comfort food! It’s a difficult time to try enjoy your favourite food and keep on your healthy food and fitness track. Commonly known comfort foods are generally quite high in calories and fats, leaving you feeling […]

The Best Road Trip Food to Bring on Your Next Journey

Snack and road trips go hand in hand, and we’ve done our research to give you the best road trip food to bring on your next journey! How tempting is it to pick something up every time you stop into the garage, or pop into a drive thru? Being unprepared can result in eating lots […]

The Ultimate List of 5 Fantastic High Protein Low Calorie Foods

Moving towards a high protein low calorie food lifestyle can help with both weight loss and toning goals (1). Having a more balanced lifestyle is becoming increasingly important where nutritional benefits & the functional aspects of foods are taking centre stage in shopper’s lives. It’s not uncommon knowledge that a high protein, low calorie food […]

5 Fun Fitness Challenges for You to Try

Looking for a fun fitness challenge to help you build a good exercise routine without getting bored? We’ve done the research for you! Now that we’re spending more of our time at home we have the opportunity to find exercises that we enjoy and can work into our very own routines. What better way to […]

5 Go-To Foods That Are High in Protein

Eating foods that are high in protein mixed with a low-carb meals has been a popular lifestyle choice for healthy eating over the last number of years. While it’s a familiar go-to diet, there is still some confusion on what high protein foods to eat.  This article will look at 5 foods that are high […]

How to Make 5 Healthy Cinema Snacks at Home!

Finding it difficult to come up with healthy but tasty cinema snacks for a night in at home? Here’s some ideas for you! Firstly, we know the importance of having selection of snacks for a movie – it’s impossible to stick to one! When you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle it’s hard to […]