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4 Convenient Healthy Snacks for Everyday Fitness

Snacking does not always have to come with a guilt trip. Believe it or not – convenience does not always have to be about fast food. 

You can enjoy tasty, convenient healthy snacks that do wonders for your everyday fitness and general wellbeing. 

That’s right – certain foods have special ingredients that can help your body excel in many ways. What’s more is, these foods might already be in your cupboard, in your local shop or at the simple click of a button online.

In this blog, we have rounded up the best healthy snacks that you can enjoy on-the-go and in a variety of different ways.

Healthy Snacks Are Key for Fitness and Wellbeing

It is a known fact that some healthy snacks can help improve the quality of a diet – and they don’t always have to be superfoods or a salad (1).

Within moderation, they can increase your nutrient intake, sustain energy levels and help your body recover from exercise (2). Not only this, but they are also a great way to replace snacking on foods that can have a negative effect on your diet such as high-fat crisps or chocolate. 

Below, we will share our top four convenient, healthy snacks that you should try today.

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  1. Biltong for a Protein Boost

Whether it be for work, hobbies or exercise – we need energy to perform our best. 

One way you can ensure you have energy throughout the day is by eating healthy snacks that are packed with protein. 

Easy protein hits can come in many forms, like eggs and chicken. However, the best healthy snacks are the ones that are ready-to-eat so you can get your boost and go about your day as normal. One healthy snack that is compact and high in protein is biltong.

Biltong is cured, air-dried strips of lightly seasoned beef. It is a healthy, easy protein boost that is full of flavour.

Due to its high protein count, biltong has quickly become a leading healthy snack. It is also low in calories, meaning it is the perfect gap-filler to satisfy a range of lifestyles and diets.

Whether it be for a simple afternoon pick-me-up or a pre gym workout snack – your body can enjoy this high quality, guilt-free snack any time of the day.

Healthy snacking can make you feel great in a variety of ways. From tiding you over until your next meal, to helping you feel fuelled throughout the entire day.

Biltong is a versatile food that does not have to be limited to just a simple snack. Believe it or not, biltong can easily be incorporated into a variety of recipes. As it is ready-to-eat and seasoned to perfection – you can use it for everything from a pizza topping to the key ingredient of a pasta dish. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Berries for Antioxidants

Mixed berries are a great healthy snack that are bursting with antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are essential for fighting diseases in the body (3). While your body does a good job at defending against these on its own, it depends on the intake of certain antioxidants to keep strong and fighting.

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are healthy sweet snacks that all contain an antioxidant fix. Plus, they can help satisfy sweet cravings, while still being healthier than junk food like chocolate.

All these kinds of berries can be found in your local supermarket. They are also one of the most convenient healthy snacks that you can easily take with you on-the-go as they come in protective packaging.

What makes berries an all-around great healthy snack is that you can incorporate these into your lifestyle in many ways. While berries are traditionally sweet, this doesn’t mean they can be excluded from savoury recipes.

Of course, there’s nothing better than a good berry-topped granola and yoghurt combination, or a fluffy blueberry protein pancake recipe. But you can also pair this healthy snack with cheese and crackers – or create your own infused salad dressing to give your dishes a more interesting balance.

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  1. Oranges for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for everyday fitness. It is key in helping our bodies perform a variety of functions: from maintaining healthy cells, skin, bones and cartilage – to helping with wound healing (4). Oranges are a great, handy source of vitamin C that can help keep you fit and healthy.

If you exercise regularly, vitamin C is what will keep your body’s endurance and recovery levels high. Oranges are a juicy, compact healthy snack that are no-fuss when it comes to being on-the-go.

What’s more is that oranges don’t have to be basic. While they are tasty on their own, you can also liven other dishes up with them.

While it may sound unusual, oranges can be versatile in satisfying sweet or savoury cravings. From orange and oat cookies to an adventurous orange and honey glazed chicken – you can still be healthy, no matter how you decide to use it.

One of the easiest ways to mix up your orange intake is by blending a smoothie in the morning. Not only is this habit good for you – but it is as easy as making your morning tea or coffee.

Image credit: Harvard.edu
  1. Bananas for Potassium

Bananas are unique for being one of the most common ways of upping potassium intake. While many people know this, a lot do not actually know the benefits of potassium when it comes to everyday fitness and wellbeing.

Potassium is an important mineral that essentially provides electricity to keep your body going. This plays a vital role in the body’s function, by helping regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals (5). 

This is especially crucial for people who are on-the-go a lot, whether it be for day-to-day activities or exercising. 

One way you can ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs is by eating bananas. As they are compact in their own protective skin, they are easy to eat while on the move or else you can pop them into your bag for later.

However, bananas don’t have to be boring. You can incorporate them into a healthy banana and walnut bread – or you can even bake them to go alongside a comforting porridge. 

Sometimes, you just need to look in your cupboard for healthy snacks that can do real wonders.

Biltong is one of those healthy snacks. With 13g of protein, under 75 kcals per pack, no additives and all-round great taste – why not give it a try to boost your energy and fitness.

Want to know more about biltong? Check out Stript Snacks.


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