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4 Exciting Meal Ideas for a Paleo Diet

A paleo diet completely cuts modern foods, stripping it right back to simpler times when food was obtained through hunting and gathering. While a paleo diet may sound plain – it doesn’t have to be boring!

That’s why we’ve come up with 4 exciting paleo-friendly meal ideas, so that you can fully embrace the paleo diet without sacrificing on taste!

What is a Paleo Diet?

A paleo diet consists of lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds. The name comes from its reference to the Paleolithic era, however some people choose to call it the ‘caveman diet’ or the ‘stone-age diet’.

Where this diet limits its foods, is when farming emerged. This means foods like dairy products, legumes and grains are not counted in the paleo lifestyle.

It is a popular choice among many, as it is heavy on proteins, low in carbs and completely cuts out sugar. It can also improve your health by eliminating high-fat and processed foods that offer very minimal nutritional value and a high amount of calories (1). 

Plus, it is presumed that hunters-gatherers had much lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease due to their active lifestyle and eating habits – something that people find highly desirable today (2). 

Exciting Meal Ideas for a Paleo Diet

While it may sound limiting, the paleo diet actually offers a lot of variety to keep meals different and – believe it or not – exciting! Whether you want to up your paleo diet meal game, or simply integrate more protein and less fat into your current meal plan – we have rounded up these top 4 ideas for you to try.

Image credit: BBC Good Food
  1. Tasty Baked Eggs with Biltong

Eggs are one of the best, most versatile sources of protein – plus they compliment so many other ingredients within the paleo diet. 

Biltong is another food that lends itself nicely to the paleo diet, as it is lean beef that’s not processed – just naturally marinated and air-dried. It is completely paleo friendly, contains 13g of protein, less than 75 kcals per pack and adds a whole new dimension to snacking and meal prep for paleo dieters.

Baked eggs is a wonderful rustic dish that is not only healthy – but so quick and easy to make! Simply make a bed of spinach in an ovenproof dish, layer with tinned tomatoes, sprinkle chilli flakes, create a small well (or a couple depending on the size of your dish) and crack in the egg(s). The final step: add some of Stript Snacks Red Chilli biltong and bake for 10 minutes, depending on how you like your eggs.

This dish will be sure to fire you up at any time of the day – whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  1. Hearty Biltong Stew

Stew is a great, filling comfort food that is bursting full of mixed vegetables and nutrients. Plus, if you’re looking for a convenient meat ingredient with no need to cook – you can use biltong for an instant hit of protein, in less time.

The great thing about paleo diets is that you can still use herbs and spices to amp up your dishes. A well-seasoned stew is hard to beat, but with an added extra like Stript Snacks Cracked Black Pepper biltong, you can boost the flavour even more.

For this, all you need to do is: fry an onion and clove of garlic in a pan, add veg like red pepper or courgettes for a bit of crunch, pour in canned tomatoes, season with salt and sprinkle Cracked Black Pepper biltong on top for a lovely wave of warmth. 

  1. Fresh Biltong and Avocado Salad

Avocado is perfect for the paleo diet as it is naturally occurring and rich in healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer.

Biltong is a great accompaniment to this, as it makes a great, healthy replacement for bacon which is often paired with avocado. While you may not be able to enjoy the classic avocado on toast combination when on the paleo diet – there are other ways to substitute this.

For example, you can try biltong and avocado on a bed of lettuce, or you can mash it all up in a fresh, filling salad.

On the paleo diet, you can enjoy a wide range of nuts and seeds to fill up the likes of a salad. Simply rip up some lettuce leaves, slice up an avocado, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle sesame seeds, chilli flakes and Stript Snacks Red Chilli biltong and you’re good to go! 

Image credit: Pinterest
  1. Paleo-Friendly Fry

As paleo diets revolve around meat, vegetables and eggs – they are perfect to combine for a much-loved weekend fry up. 

You can use all your usual fry ingredients such as tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs (whatever way you choose). Plus, you can add any extras you prefer, such as avocado or green, yellow or red peppers.

If you’re going on a paleo diet to eat healthier, then you can opt for a better alternative to bacon, and boost your protein intake even more. All you need to do is swap it for Stript Snacks Cracked Black Pepper biltong. This way, you’ll still get the smoky savoury flavour, minus the hassle of cooking and high fat content, as each serving of biltong contains less than 75 kcals per pack.

To complete your fry, simply pan-fry tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, biltong and sprinkle with parsley. So simple and tasty, that you won’t even realise it is paleo-friendly!

We hope you enjoy these easy meal ideas that are perfect for a paleo diet. If you’re interested in other ways you can incorporate biltong into your diet, check out our full recipes page or our blog on how you can freshen up your lunch box ideas.

No matter what flavour you choose, Stript Snacks are 100% paleo friendly, gluten-free and keto-free.


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