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Top Tips For Running Better and Faster

Running or jogging is a fantastic way to keep fit, pass time or simply clear the head.

Tips for running can be complex and restricting. However, if you practice and perfect the core basics of running, you will start to see improvements in your stamina and agility. 

No matter what – whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner – it is essential to ease yourself into it to avoid injury and enjoy it fully.

In this blog, we will show you top tips to make running an enjoyable experience, and help you see gradual improvements.

Why Try Running?

Running is a common form of exercise that many people love. There’s lots of reasons why running is so popular, mainly because it is free, convenient, great for burning calories and boosting your mood (1).

What’s more is – you can run anywhere you want – and even change your route each time to keep it interesting. 

Mainly, the most difficult part of running is getting started, and keeping up motivation. With the right running tips, these can help you power through and stay on track.

To help you run better and faster, check out our top running tips below.

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Get an Easy Protein Hit

Protein is an ingredient found in food that has a lot of benefits for runners. Not only does it help with muscle recovery, it is a great source of energy (2). 

By eating protein before or after a run, your body can properly absorb and reap these benefits. Not only will you feel more fuelled, but you will feel more able to endure your next outing.

For this, you need a convenient, high protein snack that you can enjoy pre or post run.

Biltong is one food that is packed full of protein goodness. It is a compact, savoury beef snack that is air-cured and lightly seasoned – meaning it is easy, healthy and tasty!

Stript Snacks biltong boasts many great benefits. It is made with high quality 100% British and Irish beef, 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack. 

Usually, the baseline for protein intake is 10g, with 20g being optimal (2). Therefore, Stript Snacks biltong has the perfect ratio for exercisers of any specialty to enjoy.
Plus, biltong is entirely guilt-free. It’s gluten free, paleo friendly and contains no MSG or added sugars. It’s safe to say biltong is the ideal snack choice for those who want to excel at running.

Remember Your Warm Ups

Before running, in order to reach your potential, it is essential to do stretches and warm-ups. Believe it or not, without doing these, your body will become sore and exhausted quicker!

You can ease yourself in by doing simple exercises until you feel ready to run. Ideally, give yourself 5-10 minutes to prepare. These preps can include quick walking, marching on the spot, knee lifts, side-stepping and climbing stairs.

It is also important to allow yourself a few minutes to cool down after each run by walking and doing a few stretches. This way, your body won’t be abruptly stopped after enduring a strenuous exercise, and you will feel less rigid.

Build Your Pace Gradually

While it may seem counteractive, starting out slowly is one of the top tips for running faster. By easing yourself into running by gently increasing your pace and distance, you will see great results over several sessions.

The best way to do this is by starting off with walking, then progressing into brisk jogs. It is also beneficial to alternate between walking and running, so your body can equally feel relief, while adjusting to its new pace.

With practice, you will feel more comfortable with longer running intervals, find your own running techniques, and rely less on walking.

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Hydration is Key

Staying hydrated is vital for during and after your run. This is not only good for you as it keeps your body functioning, but it also helps with performance (3). 

As we lose a lot of water through sweat, it is important to replenish to avoid dehydration. If this happens, you will feel tired and unable to push yourself to reach your full potential.

Carrying water with you on your run will relieve you of the risks of dehydration. However, it is important to listen to your body, if you need water, ensure that you drink it promptly. If you feel that you need water a lot in short intervals, then keep an eye on the intensity of your run.

Stay Motivated

As said before, motivation is the key to running success. However, it is easier said than done.

There are lots of ways you can stay motivated to run better and faster. You can set yourself a goal that you can aim towards. Don’t set yourself the task of achieving the impossible. Start out small by setting a monthly goal. This way, you can see how far you’ve come.

One of the most well-known, reputable programmes is Couch to 5K. Created by the NHS, it is designed for runners of every level to get off the sofa and run a 5K in nine weeks (4).

You can also try running with a friend who is at the same level as you. By doing this, you will feel more comfortable that someone else is sharing the same experience at the same pace. 

If you have a busy schedule and find yourself putting off your run, put it in your diary, so you don’t forget and feel obliged to see it through.

Also, try a variety of different routes, paces and distances to keep yourself interested. This way, you’ll find your favourite routine and rhythm that works for you, which will help spur you on.

Another way you can stay motivated is by getting your protein fix from Stript Snacks biltong. Packed full of protein and flavour, they are the perfect, convenient running snack for you to enjoy. Plus, they come in two great flavours to suit everyone’s taste – Cracked Black Pepper and Red Chilli. 

Whether it is tips for running a mile or 5K, by following these top tips, you’ll be able to run better and faster in no time.