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What is Biltong? And 4 Amazing Facts

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that ticks all the boxes – then you’ve come to the right place. 

Biltong is now more popular than ever, taking the snack world by storm with its surprising health benefits, mouthwatering taste and grab-and-go convenience. 

Whether you’re working from home or working out at the gym, biltong is the ideal energy booster to see you through the day.

In this blog, we explain what biltong is, and reveal its top four amazing facts that will get you hooked. 

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a dried, cured and spiced meat-based snack, with beef being the most common variant. It is often confused with beef jerky due to the fact that they are both dried meat. However, these two beef snacks couldn’t be more different in terms of how they’re made, how they taste, and their health benefits. 

Its recent rise in popularity comes as no surprise – given its high protein content and low kcals!

Stript Snacks beef biltong suits a wide variety of diets. Our biltong contains no MSG, no added sugars and is completely gluten free!

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Biltong and Jerky: What Is the Difference?

Biltong and jerky may share the same main ingredient – but they are worlds apart.

Biltong meat’s production process involves curing, marinating and air drying over a long period of time, taking anything from 24 hours to one week. It is cut into thicker pieces, making it a quality, substantial snack that’s full of fuel and flavour.

Jerky is thin cut and usually roasted or smoked for several hours. This can often cause a tougher texture as the meat is dehydrated from the cooking and packaging process. Biltong boasts a more natural taste, due to its marination in delicate spices.

To let you in on a secret – biltong is proven to be healthier than beef jerky (1). As biltong is lean and high in protein, you will not only feel satisfied from this tasty snack, but also energised.

Plus, biltong’s curing method ensures that the meat maintains its nutritional value. This way, you can be rest assured that you are making the best snacking choice when you choose to enjoy biltong.

4 Amazing Facts About Biltong

Tempted to give biltong a try? Here we have rounded up four amazing facts about the snack to tempt you even more.

Fact 1: It Is the Superior Snack

When you’re in a snacking mood, there’s nothing more disappointing than when you still feel hungry after eating. Due to biltong’s thicker cut, it is guaranteed to fill you up. 

While you will feel fuller – biltong actually contains less calories than other healthy snacks on the market – like protein bars. This makes it a win-win for those who want to snack without the guilt.

As biltong is made from quality meat, it is naturally high in vitamin B12 (2). This makes your body release energy from food, helping you feel continuously restored throughout the day (3).

If you’re looking for a quick win – biltong is ready to go wherever you go. So you can enjoy the snack no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

What’s more is that the snack is also 100% beef. That’s right – no-nonsense goodness. Because of this, biltong is also completely gluten-free and free of food additives like MSG. 

It’s safe to say, biltong is a superior snack choice.

Fact 2: Low Calories, High Protein

Biltong’s benefits really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you want to eat healthier or boost your energy – biltong serves many dietary goals.

Biltong is low in fat, with one pack than 75 kcals. This makes it an ideal choice if you want to feel less guilty and more satisfied with your snacking.

One benefit biltong is most famous for is its high protein content. With 13g of protein per pack, your body can feel energised after one simple snack.

With biltong’s low-fat, fuelling benefits – there’s no doubt this universal snack suits a range of needs.

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Fact 3: It’s More Than Just a Snack

If you’re not a snacky person but still want to incorporate more delicious health-conscious choices into your diet – with biltong, there’s nothing stopping you.

Although it is ready to eat, there are loads of easy biltong recipes out there that you can get creative with. 

For example: you can easily sprinkle biltong over a salad, or even enrich a pasta dish with it. Biltong goes perfectly with fresh flavours like avocado for the summer months. Then in the winter, it could be the main focus for an alternative stew. 

If you like to get some protein in for the day ahead, you can incorporate biltong into your scrambled eggs for breakfast. You can even use it as a burger topping or a sandwich filling. The opportunities really are endless. 

Fact 4: It Tastes Amazing

Without a doubt, taste is the most important part of any snack. As a savoury snack, biltong has a distinctive taste – similar to a well-seasoned steak that you cannot wait to have again.

With biltong, flavour combinations can be classic or creative. From cracked black pepper to red chilli, there’s something for everyone’s taste palate.

No matter the flavour, the ingredients and spices used in biltong are simple and traditional, including salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander and garlic. This means there are less harmful chemicals in the flavouring which do not interrupt the unique, natural taste.

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With Stript Snacks, you are getting a ready-to-eat biltong snack bag fuelled with flavour and countless health benefits.

Stript Snacks provide 100% British and Irish beef to fuel your body. It has high protein, low fat and no artificial colourings or preservatives. Plus, it tastes great too.

With one bag of Stript Snacks, you can enjoy all these amazing biltong benefits in under 75 kcals per pack. Not only this – it is free from MSG and added sugars, paleo friendly and boasts a low glycemic index.

You can stock up on Stript Snacks by ordering online now.


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