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Although biltong has been around for centuries, its popularity has risen more rapidly over recent years. However, many people still don’t know what biltong is – or all the amazing benefits it holds.

If you’re curious about biltong – look no further. We’ve got our top list of 7 things you didn’t know about biltong, to help familiarise you with the tasty South African delicacy.

Biltong: A Brief Background

But first – you might be wondering what biltong even is? The short answer is: biltong is a form of cured, air-dried beef that originated in Southern Africa. It is usually marinated with natural blends of spices, and requires no cooking to achieve its tender steak taste (1). You will usually find biltong in thick cuts, making them the perfect snack to fill you up and keep hunger at bay throughout the day.

Things You Didn’t Know About Biltong

Not only is biltong an exotic, delicious and filling snack – it also has many more benefits that people aren’t aware of! Read on to find out 7 brilliant things you didn’t know about biltong.

  1. It is Low in Calories

Biltong is famous for being a low-calorie snack, and is favoured by those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle (2). Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, want to lose weight or simply don’t want to overindulge on your afternoon pick-me-up before dinner – biltong is a guaranteed guilt-free choice.

At Stript Snacks, our biltong contains less than 75 kcals per pack, so you can enjoy feeling fuller for longer without the high fat intake!

  1. It is High in Protein

For those who want to up their protein, biltong is a compact, easy way to boost your gains. Protein does lots of great things for your body, including keeping your muscles, bones and tissues healthy, as well as being a natural fuel source (3).

It is recommended that the dietary reference intake (DRI) is 56g per day for the average male, and 46g per day for the average female (4). Often, it is difficult to find foods that are naturally high in protein. At Stript Snacks, our biltong contains a whopping 13g of protein in one pack, making it an ideal option for consuming protein in a convenient way.

  1. It Works for a Variety of Diets

Biltong is a versatile food that works for a range of dietary requirements and lifestyles. Due to the fact that it is lean beef, this makes it perfectly suitable for paleo diets. Because it has a high protein content, biltong is a great choice for those who embrace a keto diet (5). What’s more, is that biltong is also a good option for people who suffer from gluten intolerances, as the snack is completely gluten-free! 
Stript Snacks biltong is proudly paleo friendly, keto-free and gluten-free to suit a range of diets and lifestyles, no matter what the restrictions are.

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  1. It is a Great Healthy Alternative

While we all love a cheat treat, we know that choosing to eat healthier options is good for not just day-to-day – but for our future too.

Biltong makes a great healthy substitute for a range of meals. As it has less fat, only natural sugars and contains a high protein count – you can’t go wrong when choosing biltong.

Whether it be supplementing your morning bacon, replacing the pastrami in your sandwich, or even throwing together an evening snack bowl – biltong makes a perfect healthy alternative.

  1. It Makes a Versatile Cooking Ingredient

Not only is biltong healthy – it’s versatile too! While it is usually eaten as a snack, it can easily be incorporated into a variety of different meals. 

Whether it be the main ingredient or an additional element, biltong surprisingly works across many dishes. For example: you can dice up biltong for a hearty stew, sprinkle it over a classic mac ‘n’ cheese, add it to an omelette – or you can even bake it into bread! The possibilities really are endless.

For more ideas, check out our quick and easy recipes, or our blog on how you can freshen up your lunch box ideas with biltong!

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  1. It Has Tasty Flavour Combinations

Tender, lean beef that is perfectly seasoned makes a mouth-watering treat – but luckily with biltong, you can enjoy it at any time of the day. 

Whether you prefer subtle or distinct flavours, biltong can be made to suit a range of tastes. That’s why at Stript Snacks, we offer our biltong in both Red Chilli or Cracked Black Pepper flavours to complement the beef taste – so that you can enjoy biltong, no matter what mood you’re in!

  1. It is Made With No-Nonsense Ingredients

Biltong is a traditional delicacy that has continued to evolve. Back in the day, the basic ingredients included beef, vinegar, salt and coriander (1). Nowadays – it is made with more layers added to the flavours, using natural ingredients like garlic, nutmeg, pepper and chillies to help keep the integrity of biltong’s long-standing recipe, while still enhancing the flavour for modern taste palates.

At Stript Snacks, our biltong is made with natural ingredients and 100% British and Irish beef. So that you know you are enjoying a quality snack that’s both tasty and healthy.

Now that you know everything about biltong – why not give it a try? Stript Snacks is the home of high quality biltong that will keep you full, fuelled and feeling guilt-free no matter what way you enjoy it.

Stript Snacks biltong comes in handy 10 x 25g packs, so you can stock up on this tasty snack today.



Running or jogging is a fantastic way to keep fit, pass time or simply clear the head.

Tips for running can be complex and restricting. However, if you practice and perfect the core basics of running, you will start to see improvements in your stamina and agility. 

No matter what – whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner – it is essential to ease yourself into it to avoid injury and enjoy it fully.

In this blog, we will show you top tips to make running an enjoyable experience, and help you see gradual improvements.

Why Try Running?

Running is a common form of exercise that many people love. There’s lots of reasons why running is so popular, mainly because it is free, convenient, great for burning calories and boosting your mood (1).

What’s more is – you can run anywhere you want – and even change your route each time to keep it interesting. 

Mainly, the most difficult part of running is getting started, and keeping up motivation. With the right running tips, these can help you power through and stay on track.

To help you run better and faster, check out our top running tips below.

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Get an Easy Protein Hit

Protein is an ingredient found in food that has a lot of benefits for runners. Not only does it help with muscle recovery, it is a great source of energy (2). 

By eating protein before or after a run, your body can properly absorb and reap these benefits. Not only will you feel more fuelled, but you will feel more able to endure your next outing.

For this, you need a convenient, high protein snack that you can enjoy pre or post run.

Biltong is one food that is packed full of protein goodness. It is a compact, savoury beef snack that is air-cured and lightly seasoned – meaning it is easy, healthy and tasty!

Stript Snacks biltong boasts many great benefits. It is made with high quality 100% British and Irish beef, 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack. 

Usually, the baseline for protein intake is 10g, with 20g being optimal (2). Therefore, Stript Snacks biltong has the perfect ratio for exercisers of any specialty to enjoy.
Plus, biltong is entirely guilt-free. It’s gluten free, paleo friendly and contains no MSG or added sugars. It’s safe to say biltong is the ideal snack choice for those who want to excel at running.

Remember Your Warm Ups

Before running, in order to reach your potential, it is essential to do stretches and warm-ups. Believe it or not, without doing these, your body will become sore and exhausted quicker!

You can ease yourself in by doing simple exercises until you feel ready to run. Ideally, give yourself 5-10 minutes to prepare. These preps can include quick walking, marching on the spot, knee lifts, side-stepping and climbing stairs.

It is also important to allow yourself a few minutes to cool down after each run by walking and doing a few stretches. This way, your body won’t be abruptly stopped after enduring a strenuous exercise, and you will feel less rigid.

Build Your Pace Gradually

While it may seem counteractive, starting out slowly is one of the top tips for running faster. By easing yourself into running by gently increasing your pace and distance, you will see great results over several sessions.

The best way to do this is by starting off with walking, then progressing into brisk jogs. It is also beneficial to alternate between walking and running, so your body can equally feel relief, while adjusting to its new pace.

With practice, you will feel more comfortable with longer running intervals, find your own running techniques, and rely less on walking.

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Hydration is Key

Staying hydrated is vital for during and after your run. This is not only good for you as it keeps your body functioning, but it also helps with performance (3). 

As we lose a lot of water through sweat, it is important to replenish to avoid dehydration. If this happens, you will feel tired and unable to push yourself to reach your full potential.

Carrying water with you on your run will relieve you of the risks of dehydration. However, it is important to listen to your body, if you need water, ensure that you drink it promptly. If you feel that you need water a lot in short intervals, then keep an eye on the intensity of your run.

Stay Motivated

As said before, motivation is the key to running success. However, it is easier said than done.

There are lots of ways you can stay motivated to run better and faster. You can set yourself a goal that you can aim towards. Don’t set yourself the task of achieving the impossible. Start out small by setting a monthly goal. This way, you can see how far you’ve come.

One of the most well-known, reputable programmes is Couch to 5K. Created by the NHS, it is designed for runners of every level to get off the sofa and run a 5K in nine weeks (4).

You can also try running with a friend who is at the same level as you. By doing this, you will feel more comfortable that someone else is sharing the same experience at the same pace. 

If you have a busy schedule and find yourself putting off your run, put it in your diary, so you don’t forget and feel obliged to see it through.

Also, try a variety of different routes, paces and distances to keep yourself interested. This way, you’ll find your favourite routine and rhythm that works for you, which will help spur you on.

Another way you can stay motivated is by getting your protein fix from Stript Snacks biltong. Packed full of protein and flavour, they are the perfect, convenient running snack for you to enjoy. Plus, they come in two great flavours to suit everyone’s taste – Cracked Black Pepper and Red Chilli. 

Whether it is tips for running a mile or 5K, by following these top tips, you’ll be able to run better and faster in no time. 



There’s more to lunch than simple sandwiches, salads and soups. We’ve been thinking of more inspiring, inventive lunch box ideas to get you excited for your next guilt-free lunch!

It’s time your lunch box ideas took priority. Whether you’re working from home – or on-the-go – lunch is actually one of the most important meals of the day.

Not only does it help your body feel nourished, it keeps you energised throughout the afternoon to power through work, studying, or even just day-to-day tasks.

Ultimately, when it comes to lunch ideas, what you need is something that’s tasty, convenient, versatile and energy boosting. Luckily, we have ideas that tick all of these boxes.

In this blog, we will show you new, interesting ways you can freshen up your lunch box ideas. So much so, you won’t be able to wait until lunchtime to eat them!

Variety Keeps Lunch Box Ideas Interesting

They do say variety is the spice of life – or in this case – lunch boxes. Finding new lunch ideas can be a struggle, especially if you want to have variation, and keep it healthy and tasty.

The best place to start is by finding the perfect foods that make a great filling, and a great snack. Something that has different flavour combinations to satisfy your taste buds and will keep you going throughout the day.

Believe it or not – this is not impossible to find. 

Biltong is one of these foods. It is a beef savoury snack that is air-cured and delicately seasoned. Not only this, Stript Snacks biltong is made with 100% British and Irish beef, containing a whopping 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack! 

Biltong is a quality, healthy, tasty option with endless possibilities. Throughout this blog, we’ll show you how to use biltong in creative ways to make your daily lunch ideas more exciting!

Switch It Up From Sandwiches

While it may be a classic, fail-safe option, your lunch box ideas don’t have to revolve around sandwiches. 

As the ‘main course’ of your lunch, you want to look forward to it, and feel satisfied afterwards. To achieve this, you can try a number of different alternatives.

Instead of two slabs of wholemeal bread, why not incorporate your favourite fillings into a wrap? This is a great option for those who want to keep their lunches light, yet still get that satisfied, filling feeling. 
For example, you can easily use a low-fat spread, sprinkle some lettuce, mixed peppers and Cracked Black Pepper biltong to make the perfect, guilt-free wrap. Or alternatively, you can do something similar with quesadillas, or even tacos using lettuce.

Another way you can swap from sandwiches is by using thin-cut bagels, which are perfect for both sweet and savoury fillings.

What’s more, you can make a bagel healthy in many ways. For example, you can simply swap bacon for biltong, and cream cheese for guacamole. Before you know it, you’ve got a delicious light lunch idea!

As biltong contains less than 75 kcals per pack, you can be rest assured that you are enjoying a guilt-free lunch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

If you’re not a big bread lover – then that’s fine too. There’s plenty of ways you can experiment to give you lunch ideas that added interest.

Many of us probably have those cocktail sticks in our cupboards. Why not put them to good use by making mini kebabs for your lunch? They take no more time than making a sandwich, plus they are compact so they will easily fit into any lunch box.

Whether you want to keep the one ingredient or several, there are no rules with these. One option you can try is folded strips of Red Chilli biltong with chunks of sweet peppers, or even halloumi. 

For an easy, timeless lunch, you can make a simple ‘chuck in’ salad. This can be a mixture of shredded biltong, nuts and veg – like the biltong and kale satay salad below. Simply drizzle a bit of lemon juice and you’re good to go.

Another way you can experiment is by making healthy nachos. Simply combine corn tortilla chips with a drizzle of low-fat sauce, then sprinkle some biltong and your favourite spices over the top and there you have it! 

While it may not be to everyone’s taste – mixing sweet and savoury foods is a great way to jazz up your lunch and satisfy both cravings. This will help reduce the want or need to snack as it will also fill you up.

You can start out small, by having mini pancakes with biltong, drizzled with a little honey. This makes an easier, healthier substitute for bacon – but tastes even better. Trust us, you will love it!

Adding a Dip Makes the World of Difference

Dipping food is one of the most simple, yet satisfying snacks for lunch. 

No matter what it is, it instantly transforms your lunch. By dunking a plain rice cake or carrot stick into a hummus dip, your healthy snack is instantly lifted with a great balance of taste and texture.

One way you can incorporate this is by dunking biltong with a cooling, simple herb sauce. Or, for those who prefer a kick, you can pair with barbeque or lightly spiced sauces like sriracha mayo.

No matter what your personal preference is, dipping foods are a versatile lunch idea that will help tide you over until your next meal.

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Keeping Your Lunch Ideas Fresh Keeps You Satisfied

Whether you have found a new repeat favourite, or a new idea for each day of the week – keeping your lunch ideas varied is what helps keep you satisfied and excited for your next break.

Meeting your savoury craving does not always have to mean a standard sandwich and crisp combination. When in fact, you can get all the savoury goodness you need from one pack of biltong!

Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a main meal – biltong is a convenient, versatile snack that’s tasty, full of benefits – and is the perfect addition to your lunch box ideas.

Stript Snacks is the home of high protein, high quality biltong that will keep you full and fuelled throughout the day. Made with 100% British and Irish beef, 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack, you can fully enjoy this satisfying, guilt-free snack anytime and anywhere.
Want to know more about Stript Snacks biltong? Check out the full range here.

In recent times, our home has become our hub for everything. From work to workouts, we have had to adjust to fulfilling every aspect of our lives under the one roof.

With exercise in particular, finding the motivation to push through with your at-home workout can be difficult. 

Believe it or not – what you eat can have a huge impact on this. There are many convenient, healthy foods that can actually help you exercise better at home. 

Whether it’s to boost your energy or keep you hydrated – we’ve rounded up everything you need. Plus, we’ve got several easy workouts that you can try to get started!

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The Benefits of Exercise at Home

Certain food and drink can help you get the most out of your fitness activities. While you should always aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet – some snacks can provide you with the nutrients you need to focus and persist.

Home exercise boasts a lot of benefits. For one, it is completely free to do, which means you don’t have to worry about paying for membership fees, or equipment. There are lots of online exercise routines to inspire you no matter your level of fitness, therefore saving you money on hiring a personal trainer.

Exercising at home saves time. There’s no need to worry about commuting to and from the gym – nor do you need to wait around for equipment to free up so you can finally use it!

You can also go at your own pace. There’s no pressure to keep up with those around you, or push yourself to the point where you are uncomfortable. While your workout does not need to be highly strenuous, you shouldn’t give yourself the excuse of being at home to slack. 

It is all about finding the right balance for you – but home – at least you have your own personal, private space to experiment and find what works best for you.

Top 3 Foods to Help You Exercise at Home

The main thing you need to get you through your workout routines at home, is the right foods. Throughout the rest of this blog, we will show you what exact foods you need, as well as some easy at-home workouts for you to try.

Biltong for Protein

A protein boost is great for either pre or post workout sessions. Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, as it helps rebuild muscles and is a long-lasting energy source (1). 

For at home exercises, you need protein to boost energy and aid recovery. Protein can be found in a range of foods, but biltong is one of the best to choose from due to its many other benefits.

Stript Snacks biltong is a tasty beef snack that is air-cured and lightly seasoned. It contains no MSG or added sugars and is made with 100% British and Irish beef – making it a healthy, quality snack for you to enjoy.

What makes biltong especially great is its high protein count. One pack contains 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals!

By choosing biltong as an energising, guilt-free snack – you will not only feel fulfilled and fuelled for your workout, but also the rest of the day.
You can get biltong in packs of 10, so you can stock up to prepare you for your workouts ahead of time.

Water for Hydration

Water is especially important for exercise, as it can have a major impact on your performance and potential.

While it may seem self-explanatory – a lot of people’s workouts are hindered due to dehydration. By being well hydrated through drinking water regularly throughout the day, your body will be much more able to cope with replacing fluids lost through exercise (2).

What’s more is that water has no calories or sugars, making it the healthiest of drinks to choose from. It is also cheap and convenient as you can get it straight from your tap (2). 

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, one way you can enhance this is by using lemon slices, or frozen berries.

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Fruit for Energy

Fruit is a great food to help you exercise at home as it is an easy, convenient, quick source of energy. 

As fruit digests quickly, it can provide instant fuel for your workout (3). While protein is stored a little longer and is used to prevent muscle damage, having both of these before a workout is a winning combination, helping you to persevere and reach your full potential.

As you can choose from many fruits, you are guaranteed to find a favourite that you can rely on – or you can mix up your alternatives. Plus, you can enjoy these in a variety of ways, from fresh to frozen, dried to juiced!

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Exercises to Try at Home

Once you are satisfied from your snacks and fully hydrated, you can get stuck into your at-home workout.

But where do you start? Sometimes finding the right exercise for you can take a while, but you can’t go wrong with a couple of 10-minute taster workouts to explore your options.

These can be done conveniently at a time that suits you, whether it be during a TV ad break or while you are waiting for your dinner to cook in the oven. 

10-minute workouts like the ones provided by the NHS website are short enough for you to easily fit them into your daily schedule. Plus they offer the perfect opportunity for you to trial run new exercises you might enjoy.

10 Minute Abs Workout

One of the most common areas people focus on when they work out is the abdominal area. Doing an abs workout is good if you want to focus on strengthening your core muscles and achieve a flatter stomach.

And you can do it in just 10 minutes. By following this routine and repeating it regularly throughout the week, you will soon start to see a difference.

X12 Stomach Crunches

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, about a hip-width apart. For support, place your hands either on your thighs, across your chest or behind your ears.

Starting off slowly, curl up towards your knees, until your shoulders are about three inches off the floor. Hold this position for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower yourself back down to the floor.

X10 Planks

Face your body to the floor, propping yourself up on your forearms and toes. Keep your legs straight and hips raised to ensure your body is in a rigid line from head to toe.

Focus on keeping your shoulders parallel to your elbows, as well as keeping your abs contracted throughout. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and repeat.

X12 Stomach Crunches with Legs Raised

Similar to the previous stomach crunch exercise, lie on your back with your knees and feet on the floor, placing your hands on your chest this time.

Slowly pull your knees towards your chest, keeping them bent until your tailbone comes off the floor. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then lower down slowly. 

X10 Side Planks

Lie on your side, propped up on an elbow, keeping your shoulder directly above it. Straighten your legs and raise your hips to ensure your body is in a rigid line from head to toe.

Keep your neck long and your shoulders away from your ears, contracting your abs at all times. Continue to hold this position for 5-10 seconds, and repeat, alternating sides every 5 times.

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The NHS website also offers easy 5-minute warm-up and cool-down exercises if you want to build up and unwind from your workout properly.

Exercise at home can be easy if you start with the right foods. With regular energy and water intakes, you can better your performance and stay motivated while being at home.

To find out more about the many benefits of biltong, check out Stript Snacks.



If you’re looking for a healthy snack that ticks all the boxes – then you’ve come to the right place. 

Biltong is now more popular than ever, taking the snack world by storm with its surprising health benefits, mouthwatering taste and grab-and-go convenience. 

Whether you’re working from home or working out at the gym, biltong is the ideal energy booster to see you through the day.

In this blog, we explain what biltong is, and reveal its top four amazing facts that will get you hooked. 

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a dried, cured and spiced meat-based snack, with beef being the most common variant. It is often confused with beef jerky due to the fact that they are both dried meat. However, these two beef snacks couldn’t be more different in terms of how they’re made, how they taste, and their health benefits. 

Its recent rise in popularity comes as no surprise – given its high protein content and low kcals!

Stript Snacks beef biltong suits a wide variety of diets. Our biltong contains no MSG, no added sugars and is completely gluten free!

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Biltong and Jerky: What Is the Difference?

Biltong and jerky may share the same main ingredient – but they are worlds apart.

Biltong meat’s production process involves curing, marinating and air drying over a long period of time, taking anything from 24 hours to one week. It is cut into thicker pieces, making it a quality, substantial snack that’s full of fuel and flavour.

Jerky is thin cut and usually roasted or smoked for several hours. This can often cause a tougher texture as the meat is dehydrated from the cooking and packaging process. Biltong boasts a more natural taste, due to its marination in delicate spices.

To let you in on a secret – biltong is proven to be healthier than beef jerky (1). As biltong is lean and high in protein, you will not only feel satisfied from this tasty snack, but also energised.

Plus, biltong’s curing method ensures that the meat maintains its nutritional value. This way, you can be rest assured that you are making the best snacking choice when you choose to enjoy biltong.

4 Amazing Facts About Biltong

Tempted to give biltong a try? Here we have rounded up four amazing facts about the snack to tempt you even more.

Fact 1: It Is the Superior Snack

When you’re in a snacking mood, there’s nothing more disappointing than when you still feel hungry after eating. Due to biltong’s thicker cut, it is guaranteed to fill you up. 

While you will feel fuller – biltong actually contains less calories than other healthy snacks on the market – like protein bars. This makes it a win-win for those who want to snack without the guilt.

As biltong is made from quality meat, it is naturally high in vitamin B12 (2). This makes your body release energy from food, helping you feel continuously restored throughout the day (3).

If you’re looking for a quick win – biltong is ready to go wherever you go. So you can enjoy the snack no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

What’s more is that the snack is also 100% beef. That’s right – no-nonsense goodness. Because of this, biltong is also completely gluten-free and free of food additives like MSG. 

It’s safe to say, biltong is a superior snack choice.

Fact 2: Low Calories, High Protein

Biltong’s benefits really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you want to eat healthier or boost your energy – biltong serves many dietary goals.

Biltong is low in fat, with one pack than 75 kcals. This makes it an ideal choice if you want to feel less guilty and more satisfied with your snacking.

One benefit biltong is most famous for is its high protein content. With 13g of protein per pack, your body can feel energised after one simple snack.

With biltong’s low-fat, fuelling benefits – there’s no doubt this universal snack suits a range of needs.

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Fact 3: It’s More Than Just a Snack

If you’re not a snacky person but still want to incorporate more delicious health-conscious choices into your diet – with biltong, there’s nothing stopping you.

Although it is ready to eat, there are loads of easy biltong recipes out there that you can get creative with. 

For example: you can easily sprinkle biltong over a salad, or even enrich a pasta dish with it. Biltong goes perfectly with fresh flavours like avocado for the summer months. Then in the winter, it could be the main focus for an alternative stew. 

If you like to get some protein in for the day ahead, you can incorporate biltong into your scrambled eggs for breakfast. You can even use it as a burger topping or a sandwich filling. The opportunities really are endless. 

Fact 4: It Tastes Amazing

Without a doubt, taste is the most important part of any snack. As a savoury snack, biltong has a distinctive taste – similar to a well-seasoned steak that you cannot wait to have again.

With biltong, flavour combinations can be classic or creative. From cracked black pepper to red chilli, there’s something for everyone’s taste palate.

No matter the flavour, the ingredients and spices used in biltong are simple and traditional, including salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander and garlic. This means there are less harmful chemicals in the flavouring which do not interrupt the unique, natural taste.

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With Stript Snacks, you are getting a ready-to-eat biltong snack bag fuelled with flavour and countless health benefits.

Stript Snacks provide 100% British and Irish beef to fuel your body. It has high protein, low fat and no artificial colourings or preservatives. Plus, it tastes great too.

With one bag of Stript Snacks, you can enjoy all these amazing biltong benefits in under 75 kcals per pack. Not only this – it is free from MSG and added sugars, paleo friendly and boasts a low glycemic index.

You can stock up on Stript Snacks by ordering online now.



Snacking does not always have to come with a guilt trip. Believe it or not – convenience does not always have to be about fast food. 

You can enjoy tasty, convenient healthy snacks that do wonders for your everyday fitness and general wellbeing. 

That’s right – certain foods have special ingredients that can help your body excel in many ways. What’s more is, these foods might already be in your cupboard, in your local shop or at the simple click of a button online.

In this blog, we have rounded up the best healthy snacks that you can enjoy on-the-go and in a variety of different ways.

Healthy Snacks Are Key for Fitness and Wellbeing

It is a known fact that some healthy snacks can help improve the quality of a diet – and they don’t always have to be superfoods or a salad (1).

Within moderation, they can increase your nutrient intake, sustain energy levels and help your body recover from exercise (2). Not only this, but they are also a great way to replace snacking on foods that can have a negative effect on your diet such as high-fat crisps or chocolate. 

Below, we will share our top four convenient, healthy snacks that you should try today.

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  1. Biltong for a Protein Boost

Whether it be for work, hobbies or exercise – we need energy to perform our best. 

One way you can ensure you have energy throughout the day is by eating healthy snacks that are packed with protein. 

Easy protein hits can come in many forms, like eggs and chicken. However, the best healthy snacks are the ones that are ready-to-eat so you can get your boost and go about your day as normal. One healthy snack that is compact and high in protein is biltong.

Biltong is cured, air-dried strips of lightly seasoned beef. It is a healthy, easy protein boost that is full of flavour.

Due to its high protein count, biltong has quickly become a leading healthy snack. It is also low in calories, meaning it is the perfect gap-filler to satisfy a range of lifestyles and diets.

Whether it be for a simple afternoon pick-me-up or a pre gym workout snack – your body can enjoy this high quality, guilt-free snack any time of the day.

Healthy snacking can make you feel great in a variety of ways. From tiding you over until your next meal, to helping you feel fuelled throughout the entire day.

Biltong is a versatile food that does not have to be limited to just a simple snack. Believe it or not, biltong can easily be incorporated into a variety of recipes. As it is ready-to-eat and seasoned to perfection – you can use it for everything from a pizza topping to the key ingredient of a pasta dish. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Berries for Antioxidants

Mixed berries are a great healthy snack that are bursting with antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are essential for fighting diseases in the body (3). While your body does a good job at defending against these on its own, it depends on the intake of certain antioxidants to keep strong and fighting.

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are healthy sweet snacks that all contain an antioxidant fix. Plus, they can help satisfy sweet cravings, while still being healthier than junk food like chocolate.

All these kinds of berries can be found in your local supermarket. They are also one of the most convenient healthy snacks that you can easily take with you on-the-go as they come in protective packaging.

What makes berries an all-around great healthy snack is that you can incorporate these into your lifestyle in many ways. While berries are traditionally sweet, this doesn’t mean they can be excluded from savoury recipes.

Of course, there’s nothing better than a good berry-topped granola and yoghurt combination, or a fluffy blueberry protein pancake recipe. But you can also pair this healthy snack with cheese and crackers – or create your own infused salad dressing to give your dishes a more interesting balance.

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  1. Oranges for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for everyday fitness. It is key in helping our bodies perform a variety of functions: from maintaining healthy cells, skin, bones and cartilage – to helping with wound healing (4). Oranges are a great, handy source of vitamin C that can help keep you fit and healthy.

If you exercise regularly, vitamin C is what will keep your body’s endurance and recovery levels high. Oranges are a juicy, compact healthy snack that are no-fuss when it comes to being on-the-go.

What’s more is that oranges don’t have to be basic. While they are tasty on their own, you can also liven other dishes up with them.

While it may sound unusual, oranges can be versatile in satisfying sweet or savoury cravings. From orange and oat cookies to an adventurous orange and honey glazed chicken – you can still be healthy, no matter how you decide to use it.

One of the easiest ways to mix up your orange intake is by blending a smoothie in the morning. Not only is this habit good for you – but it is as easy as making your morning tea or coffee.

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  1. Bananas for Potassium

Bananas are unique for being one of the most common ways of upping potassium intake. While many people know this, a lot do not actually know the benefits of potassium when it comes to everyday fitness and wellbeing.

Potassium is an important mineral that essentially provides electricity to keep your body going. This plays a vital role in the body’s function, by helping regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals (5). 

This is especially crucial for people who are on-the-go a lot, whether it be for day-to-day activities or exercising. 

One way you can ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs is by eating bananas. As they are compact in their own protective skin, they are easy to eat while on the move or else you can pop them into your bag for later.

However, bananas don’t have to be boring. You can incorporate them into a healthy banana and walnut bread – or you can even bake them to go alongside a comforting porridge. 

Sometimes, you just need to look in your cupboard for healthy snacks that can do real wonders.

Biltong is one of those healthy snacks. With 13g of protein, under 75 kcals per pack, no additives and all-round great taste – why not give it a try to boost your energy and fitness.

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Deciding on what to eat before the gym can often be confusing. Believe it or not, the food you eat can actually be the key to workout success.

Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, you want to be able to perform your best. 

Without food before your workout, you have less energy. With too much food, it can slow you down. It is all about finding the right balance for your body so you can achieve your gym goals.

There are lots of easy, healthy, tasty foods you can enjoy before your workout that will help further your potential. 

No matter what your goal is – whether it be to keep fit, lose weight or build strength – we have sussed out what sort of food you should have before the gym. Plus, we’ve included our top recommendation that ticks all the boxes.

What You Eat Before the Gym Plays an Important Role 

While exercising is a universal activity and is all about physical development – everyone’s personal workout goal is different.

However, everyone wants to feel satisfied and accomplished after a workout session. Believe it or not, what you eat beforehand plays a huge part in that. 

A balanced diet is always recommended, but there are certain things that you should look out for when it comes to pre gym food.

Throughout this blog, we have rounded up what food will benefit you the most before starting your gym session. We have also ensured that you can easily incorporate these in your diet, so your workout is guaranteed to always be a success.

Food That is High in Protein

Protein is a miracle worker when it comes to a lot of things. Whether you want to build strength, lose weight or simply boost your energy, protein can help you achieve that (1).

For your workout, food that is high in protein can give you a steady and sustained source of energy. We all know how difficult it can be to push yourself to get started – but with enough protein in you – you will feel much more able to tackle your session.

Protein is also great for helping your body repair itself, which is essential when you undergo strenuous exercise. Plus, food high in protein reduces the desire for snacking. As protein is digested slowly, this helps you feel fulfilled for longer. Also, as it provides an ongoing supply of energy, you feel more alert and motivated. It’s a win-win!
Before you go to the gym, you need an easy protein hit that will give you fuel throughout the day. This can be found in foods like eggs, fish, yoghurt and lean cuts of beef.

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Food That is Low in Calories

The last thing anyone wants is to feel bloated and sluggish before the gym. One way you can stop this discomfort happening is by eating food that is low in calories.

When we eat and drink more calories than we use up, our bodies store the excess as body fat (2). This can slow you down in many ways before a workout, therefore it is ideal to find foods that have a good balance of low calorie/high protein levels.

By not slowing yourself down, this will help you feel more confident in your workout abilities. Plus, you can be assured that you are eating guilt-free, healthy food that will contribute to your motivation. 

Luckily, if you eat food that is high in protein and low in calories – you will still have energy and feel empowered to see your workout through to success.
Foods that are low in calories include bananas, rice cakes, hummus and dried, cured beef.

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Food That is Convenient

If you are in the mood to workout, it is best to act upon this urge sooner, rather than later. 

Your food choices can have a huge impact on this, too. By having to take time to prepare your food, this can interfere with your productivity levels.

That’s why it is much more convenient to bulk make or buy healthy food that is ready to go when you are. This means less time is wasted when it comes to cooking, consuming and giving your body time to digest before you feel the full effects of your food.

Whether you’re on your way to the gym or working out at home, accessible food is key. This way, you can also spend more time working out when the mood strikes you.
You can find great on-the-go foods in the form of packaged fruit, mixed seeds and biltong.

Stript Snacks Biltong – Red Chilli & Cracked Black Pepper Flavours

What You Eat Defines Your Outcome

Basically, no matter your gym goal or workout regime, it is important to think about the food you eat and whether it will help you achieve your desired outcome. 

The key ingredient this blog has highlighted is protein. If you are eating food high in protein, you will have more energy to push forward with your workout (3). 

By eating food that is high in protein, low in calories and easily accessible – you’re onto a winner when it comes to prepping for your workout.

Not only will you get a much needed energy boost, you will feel fuller without the guilt, plus have time to focus on maximising your potential.

One food that achieves all of the above is biltong. Biltong is dried, cured beef that is sprinkled with seasoning to give it that much-loved, distinct flavour. 

Stript Snacks is a healthy treat for those who are on-the-go and in need of an energy boost, making it the perfect pre gym snack. You can even choose from two flavour combinations, Cracked Black Pepper and Red Chilli.

With 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack, plus many other benefits including being gluten free, paleo friendly and no MSG or added sugars – this tasty beef biltong snack will help keep you energised and successfully see you through to meeting your gym goals.