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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Biltong

Although biltong has been around for centuries, its popularity has risen more rapidly over recent years. However, many people still don’t know what biltong is – or all the amazing benefits it holds.

If you’re curious about biltong – look no further. We’ve got our top list of 7 things you didn’t know about biltong, to help familiarise you with the tasty South African delicacy.

Biltong: A Brief Background

But first – you might be wondering what biltong even is? The short answer is: biltong is a form of cured, air-dried beef that originated in Southern Africa. It is usually marinated with natural blends of spices, and requires no cooking to achieve its tender steak taste (1). You will usually find biltong in thick cuts, making them the perfect snack to fill you up and keep hunger at bay throughout the day.

Things You Didn’t Know About Biltong

Not only is biltong an exotic, delicious and filling snack – it also has many more benefits that people aren’t aware of! Read on to find out 7 brilliant things you didn’t know about biltong.

  1. It is Low in Calories

Biltong is famous for being a low-calorie snack, and is favoured by those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle (2). Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, want to lose weight or simply don’t want to overindulge on your afternoon pick-me-up before dinner – biltong is a guaranteed guilt-free choice.

At Stript Snacks, our biltong contains less than 75 kcals per pack, so you can enjoy feeling fuller for longer without the high fat intake!

  1. It is High in Protein

For those who want to up their protein, biltong is a compact, easy way to boost your gains. Protein does lots of great things for your body, including keeping your muscles, bones and tissues healthy, as well as being a natural fuel source (3).

It is recommended that the dietary reference intake (DRI) is 56g per day for the average male, and 46g per day for the average female (4). Often, it is difficult to find foods that are naturally high in protein. At Stript Snacks, our biltong contains a whopping 13g of protein in one pack, making it an ideal option for consuming protein in a convenient way.

  1. It Works for a Variety of Diets

Biltong is a versatile food that works for a range of dietary requirements and lifestyles. Due to the fact that it is lean beef, this makes it perfectly suitable for paleo diets. Because it has a high protein content, biltong is a great choice for those who embrace a keto diet (5). What’s more, is that biltong is also a good option for people who suffer from gluten intolerances, as the snack is completely gluten-free! 
Stript Snacks biltong is proudly paleo friendly, keto-free and gluten-free to suit a range of diets and lifestyles, no matter what the restrictions are.

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  1. It is a Great Healthy Alternative

While we all love a cheat treat, we know that choosing to eat healthier options is good for not just day-to-day – but for our future too.

Biltong makes a great healthy substitute for a range of meals. As it has less fat, only natural sugars and contains a high protein count – you can’t go wrong when choosing biltong.

Whether it be supplementing your morning bacon, replacing the pastrami in your sandwich, or even throwing together an evening snack bowl – biltong makes a perfect healthy alternative.

  1. It Makes a Versatile Cooking Ingredient

Not only is biltong healthy – it’s versatile too! While it is usually eaten as a snack, it can easily be incorporated into a variety of different meals. 

Whether it be the main ingredient or an additional element, biltong surprisingly works across many dishes. For example: you can dice up biltong for a hearty stew, sprinkle it over a classic mac ‘n’ cheese, add it to an omelette – or you can even bake it into bread! The possibilities really are endless.

For more ideas, check out our quick and easy recipes, or our blog on how you can freshen up your lunch box ideas with biltong!

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  1. It Has Tasty Flavour Combinations

Tender, lean beef that is perfectly seasoned makes a mouth-watering treat – but luckily with biltong, you can enjoy it at any time of the day. 

Whether you prefer subtle or distinct flavours, biltong can be made to suit a range of tastes. That’s why at Stript Snacks, we offer our biltong in both Red Chilli or Cracked Black Pepper flavours to complement the beef taste – so that you can enjoy biltong, no matter what mood you’re in!

  1. It is Made With No-Nonsense Ingredients

Biltong is a traditional delicacy that has continued to evolve. Back in the day, the basic ingredients included beef, vinegar, salt and coriander (1). Nowadays – it is made with more layers added to the flavours, using natural ingredients like garlic, nutmeg, pepper and chillies to help keep the integrity of biltong’s long-standing recipe, while still enhancing the flavour for modern taste palates.

At Stript Snacks, our biltong is made with natural ingredients and 100% British and Irish beef. So that you know you are enjoying a quality snack that’s both tasty and healthy.

Now that you know everything about biltong – why not give it a try? Stript Snacks is the home of high quality biltong that will keep you full, fuelled and feeling guilt-free no matter what way you enjoy it.

Stript Snacks biltong comes in handy 10 x 25g packs, so you can stock up on this tasty snack today.


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