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Biltong Topped Sweet Potato Fries

Take your next meal to the next level with a delicious side dish of biltong sweet potato fries. 

Perfect for dinnertime or supper, this twist on traditional fries is not just hearty, but fresh and satisfying too. With a mix of spice-infused beef biltong, crispy sweet potato fries, juicy cherry tomatoes and creamy avocado – this is the perfect, healthier substitute for loaded fries.

Using Stript Snacks biltong, made with 100% British and Irish beef, 13g of protein and less than 75 kcals per pack, you can be rest assured that this tasty dish is entirely guilt-free.


100g Sweet potato friesOven cook for 20 minutes
25g Stript Snacks Red ChilliCrispen in oven for 10 minutes
20g Cherry tomatoesChopped
One Half AvocadoCrush
One Lime wedgeDrizzle
A Pinch of Chilli flakesSprinkle
5g CorianderRoughly Chopped


Start by preheating your oven to 200 degrees, placing the sweet potato fries in to cook for 20 minutes. 

While the sweet potatoes fries cook, crush the avocado, mixing it with lime juice and chilli flakes. 

Once the sweet potato fries have been in for 10 minutes, add Stript Snacks biltong Red Chilli for the last 10 minutes, to crispen and give it a nice crunchy texture.

Top the sweet potato fries with the crispy biltong, then garnish with the avocado and cherry tomatoes. Lastly, sprinkle coriander over everything for a fresh finish. Enjoy!